waterproof iphone 4

Analyze the differences Between Lifeproof, Otterbox, Aqua Box and Arycs Waterproof iPhone 4 cases

The summer months is the time that everybody is excited to go play in the h2o. And undoubtedly will our iPhones be traveling along as well. We share our adventures with images and video clips with the ones we cherish in real time as they happen. The saddest thing that will wreck a wonderful summer outing is ceasing your telephone through getting it soaked. Our wish is that our review of the top 4 waterproof iPhone cases will help you find the right iPhone waterproof case to suit your needs

The Lifeproof case is listed at $79.99, but despite its high price it’s among the most well-known cases. Lifeproof’s case small measurements might be the reason for its popularity. The company claims that the case can protect your phone from falls as high as 6 feet and submersion of about twelve ft .. The Liveproof’s high price tag provided you very good water protection, but it could not support regular screen operation while being in water.

Otterbox is well-established as a provider of resilient cases to defend your iPhone. The Defender series while bulky has become the most effective cases on the market in recent times. Otterbox is building their model of a waterproof case named the “Armor Series”. The case is created to withstand a twenty foot fall, two tons of force, and 10 ft . of h2o for up to a 30 minutes. The Armor Series is scheduled to get unveiled around the middle of July, and should be priced around $69.95.

The Aqua Box was designed for those real water bugs at heart. Aqua Box’s biggest attribute is its ability to keep your iPhone’s touch screen performance. Even though submerged it is possible to text, take photos and video clips, and also talk. Aqua Box’s incorporates a sturdy polycarbonate shell plus a silicone membrane which also comes in large range of colors. This case is capable of depths of 20 feet and in some other evaluations has performed fantastic at even greater depths. The Aqua Box is listed close to $34.95 and because of its performance under water is our endorsed case model.

The Aryca waterproof Iphone case is similar to the Aquabox in design and functionality. It contains the basic twist and latch entryway which results in a fully waterproof home for your iPhone. One of the biggest benefits is the ability of this case to accomodate iPhone types 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S. At a cost point of $35.00 it’s perfect for any water enthusiast.


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