Discover the Right Waterproof iPhone 4 Case for You

Identify the Right Waterproof iPhone 4 Case for You

Over the summer you will find yourself lounging around by the pool, on the beach, on your ski boat, or just simply keeping cold by having fun in the water. Our iPhones go with us everywhere we end up. Many of us publish photographs, movies and save our experiences through social media like Twitter and Facebook. Try not to let that summer adventure’s memories be destroyed by the drama of your cell phone being destroyed by water. We have tested four of the extremely common waterproof iPhone cases and have our evaluations below.

A bit more popular case is the Lifeproof case even with its higher cost of $79.99. The case includes a streamlined structure and has a smaller shape of all the cases we examined. The case was designed to resist falls of six ft . and water up to 12 ft. You receive good water protection, but not touchscreen display functionality within the water, which can drive you from the costly case.

Otterbox is recognize for its great protection from impact. Their Defender line is the superior non-waterproof case on the market. Otterbox is releasing its waterproof Armor Series later this current year. It is waterproof for 30 minutes and all the way down to ten ft. The Armor series will likely be priced about $69.95, but won’t launch till later on this summer.

The Aqua Box Waterproof IPhone Case is among the most sophisticated and properly designed cases we’ve come across. The Aqua Box case is engineered to allow for full touchscreen capabilities. You are able to text, talk, take pictures and videos all while submerged. It’s available in a range of colors and is made with sturdy polycarbonate and silicone. The case is completely submersible for as much as twenty feet and is dust and impact resistant. Contemplating style, operation and a cost of $34.95, this unit seems to be our all around favorite.

Aryca has copied the Aqua box mold, it’s the identical form and performance of its opponent. It comes with a rotate and latch method which sandwich your iPhone safely and securely inside the plastic membrane. The Aryca iPhone case will fit the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S. Being about $35.00 it’s a excellent decision to safeguard Siri while outside in the sun and water.

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